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Someshwar (Devanagari: सोमेश्वर ) is the name of the sub-division headquarters, a conglomeration of revenue villages and it also refers to the entire region as Someshwar Tehsil and Sub Division in the Almora District in the hill-state of UttarakhandIndia.

Someshwar is situated in the banks of two rivers viz. Kosi and Sai almost 10 km away from well known tourist place Kausani. The valley of Someshwar is surrounded by peaks known as Jayanti and Airi. Their names are respectively based on two Hindu Goddesses. Someshwar itself is a holy place dedicated to lord Shiva. The topography and availability of natural infrastructure provide an excellent opportunity for development of tourism/ecotourism.The Someshwar valley is divided into two sub-vallies – Lod Valley and Boraro Valley. Both the valleys are also called as Bowl of Rice.

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